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Thailand Department of Fisheries Identifies Opportunities to Improve Catch Documentation, Traceability, and Fisheries Management

USAID Oceans has been collaborating with the Thailand Department of Fisheries (DOF) to develop and implement a robust national electronic catch documentation and traceability system. In pursuit of this goal, on October 31st, 2019, USAID Oceans, the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, and the Thailand DOF held a Fisheries Value Chain Analysis Workshop.

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Safer at sea: The unexpected benefit of traceability for small-scale fishers

Big and small fishing vessels are now installing systems to track where they catch fish and register the data for others in the supply chain to see. These systems are changing the lives of small-scale fishermen in an unexpected way: by enabling them to stay in touch with their families.

USAID Oceans has been supporting this initiative in General Santos, the Philippines by equipping small-scale fishers with traceability technologies and working with local governments to track vessel locations and collect important data to inform fisheries management.

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Vietnam Prepares to Launch First Seafood Traceability Pilot, Leveraging USAID Oceans and SEAFDEC’s Regional Technologies and Lessons Learned

The Vietnam Directorate of Fisheries (D-FISH) will officially begin eCDT piloting its first eCDT system this year, a significant milestone that marks a transformation in Vietnam’s seafood traceability capabilities; moving from paper-based operations to an effective, robust, as well as interconnected digitized system. D-FISH, with support from USAID Oceans and SEAFDEC, is committed to leveraging the system for not only improved fisheries management, but also advancements in the human aspects of the fisheries supply chain.

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New Tools & Resources

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Technology Solutions for Electronic Catch Documentation and Traceability (Bahasa Indonesian)

Learn more about USAID Oceans-developed and supported technology tools for electronic catch documentation and traceability. USAID Oceans has worked closely with government, the fisheries industry, and technology partners to identify, design, and develop suitable tools to establish connectivity in remote and at-sea areas, provide a mechanism for data collection and transmission through the entire supply chain, and provide value-added user benefits, such as communication, safety, and business tools. (Bahasa Indonesian version)

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Workshop to Review Available eCDT Technology Solutions and Advance Regional Guidance for Fisheries Traceability in the Coral Triangle Region

Workshop proceedings from USAID Oceans’ training workshops with the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI-CFF) in support of its member-countries seafood traceability initiatives in the Coral Triangle region. USAID Oceans’ June 24 “pre-event” workshop was focused on assisting the Pacific countries in conducting rapid gap analyses to assess the state of their respective CDT capabilities for wild capture fisheries. The June 27-28 “post-event” workshop presented a range of electronic catch documentation and traceability (eCDT) technology solutions to meet needs identified in the previous sessions.

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Regional Gender Integration in Fisheries Training

From January 20-24, USAID Oceans and SEAFDEC are hosting a Gender Integration in Fisheries training for gender focal persons from SEAFDEC as part of USAID Oceans’ ongoing work with SEAFDEC to build regional capacity and advance policies related to gender.

Date: 21 January, 2020 - 23 January, 2020
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
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USAID Oceans Philippines Learning Site Closeout Event

The USAID Oceans close out event in the Philippines will be an opportunity to formally recognize and celebrate USAID Oceans’ achievements in the General Santos learning site to develop and test electronic catch documentation and traceability (eCDT) technologies, improve fisheries management, and promote the human welfare aspects of fisheries.

Date: 4 February, 2020 - 5 February, 2020
Location: Manila, Philippines
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Learn how USAID Oceans is working with public and private sector partners across the region to develop and implement electronic catch documentation and traceability (eCDT) systems that combat illegal fishing practices, improve fisheries management, enhance human welfare, and support global interests of maritime security, prosperous markets, and food security.

What We Do

USAID Oceans is working to combat IUU fishing and enhance South East Asia’s fisheries through a multi-prong approach that takes into account the complexities of the issue and the people that it impacts.

Our Impacts


Estimated metric tons of seafood tracked by USAID Oceans-supported traceability technology


Tested electronic traceability technologies for small- and large-scale seafood operations


Million hectares of biologically significant marine habitat to be improved under sustainable fisheries management


Million USD estimated public and private sector funding for increased sustainability of program interventions


Regional stakeholders trained in program technical areas


Countries reached by gender in fisheries training resources developed by USAID Oceans and its partners

Where Oceans Works

To support regional expansion and capacity building, USAID Oceans has adopted a tiered approach for support, categorizing countries into ‘Learning Sites’ and ‘Expansion Sites.’