Philippines Stakeholder Validation Workshop


Host: USAID Oceans
Date: 21 Feb, 2017 - 23 Feb, 2017
Location: General Santos City, Philippines

USAID Oceans has selected the Philippines as one of two countries to support CDTS development, implementation, and testing. After assessing regional fisheries data and opportunities, the Philippines and Indonesia were selected to host the two demonstration and learning sites, serving as a model for regional learning and expansion.

Within the period from June 2016 to  February 2017, several research and/or studies have been undertaken. The four organizations that have been sub-contracted to undertake these activities are as follows: (1) WorldFish for ‘Rapid Appraisal of Fisheries Management System’ (RAFMS); (2) Bold Native Advisors (BNA) for Value Chain Analysis (VCA); (3) Verite for Labor Studies; and (4) WinFish for Gender Studies.

The goal of this activity is to validate the results of the sub-contracted studies as well as proceed with the development of the SFMP.