Overcoming Barriers: Economic Benefits of Electronic Traceability

The Seafood Alliance for Legality & Traceability (SALT) has distilled lessons from existing traceability pilots to provide potential solutions to overcoming the challenges a company might face when adopting eCDT. This is the 2nd post in the “Overcoming Barriers” series and speaks to the direct business benefits of eCDT, such as regulation compliance, food safety assurance, strengthened brand reputation, and increased operational efficiency. This post includes USAID Oceans’ resource “Technology Impacts: Business Benefits of Electronic Catch Documentation and Traceability Technologies.”

Read the blog here: https://media.salttraceability.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/14090637/Blog_2_Final_508.pdf

Type: Feature Article | Author: The Seafood Alliance for Legality & Traceability | Date: 20 April, 2020 | Subject: Catch Documentation and Traceability | Country: Regional