USAID Oceans and FAME form Partnership to Support Philippine Small-Scale Fisheries

Small-scale fisheries in USAID Oceans’ learning site of General Santos City, Philippines, are commonly challenged by limited connectivity, a barrier to introducing electronic catch documentation and traceability processes. Photo: USAID Oceans/Rebeca Andong

The USAID Oceans and Fisheries Partnership (USAID Oceans) and the Futuristic Aviation and Maritime Enterprise (FAME) launched a partnership to develop and test catch documentation and traceability (CDT) systems and communications technologies in the Philippines’ small-scale fisheries. FAME is a private, Philippines-based company and the leading provider of small-scale vessel trackers and monitors. FAME’s technology is designed to increase the safety of air and sea travel with technology that is compact, low-cost and easily deployable.

USAID Oceans and FAME are working together to leverage the technology to enhance CDT abilities in small-scale fisheries, which are commonly challenged by limited connectivity. Through the partnership, USAID Oceans and FAME will install an initial 30 transponders on small-scale vessels in USAID Oceans’ learning site of General Santos City, Philippines. With the transponders, vessels will not only be able to transmit CDT data from at-sea, but will also be able to communicate more easily with business partners and family members on shore. In addition to installing the technology in-field, USAID Oceans and FAME will work together to enhance the supporting software that enables data collection and communication, including e-logbooks, fleet management tools, and chat applications.

While the FAME technology targets the “first-mile” of the seafood supply chain, those that first handle the seafood, its benefits can be realized throughout the entire supply chain—from catch to import. Increased connectivity at-sea hold numerous benefits for fishers and their families, broadening connectivity ranges beyond that which is offered by existing cellular networks. Real-time location tracking and an emergency alert system are additional benefits. For suppliers, middlemen, and boat owners, numerous benefits include enhanced asset and vessel management, business analysis, and support to comply with documentation requirements.

USAID Oceans and FAME will work together to implement and test the technology in 2018 with learning site industry members. Visit the FAME website for more information about technology offerings, and stay tuned for more information from USAID Oceans on technology installation and testing.

Type: Feature Article | Author: The Oceans and Fisheries Partnership | Date: 30 March, 2018 | Subject: Catch Documentation and Traceability, Human Welfare, Partnerships and Engagement | Country: Philippines