USAID Oceans Celebrates International Women’s Day 2018

USAID Oceans works to raise awareness of human welfare aspects of Southeast Asia’s fisheries, especially gender in fisheries in the region. In celebration and recognition of International Women’s Day, USAID Oceans rallied partners to show their commitment to gender equity and equality. USAID Oceans and its partners took part in International Women’s Day’s call for action, showing our willingness to have our voices heard to support and advocate gender equality and women empowerment, particularly in fisheries.

Gender integration is part of USAID Oceans’ strategy across all of its program activities, including catch documentation and traceability and fisheries management through an Ecosystems Approach to Fisheries Management. As partners and stakeholders become more aware and sensitive to gender issues in the fisheries work place, the more responsive their decisions and actions will be to achieve gender equity and empower the men and women along the fisheries value chain.

We acknowledge the enthusiastic responses from the USAID Oceans Team, the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC) Training Department (Thailand), the CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat (Indonesia), and members of the Women Leaders’ Forum of the CTI-CFF and Coral Triangle Center (Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries – Indonesia; University of Malaya – Malaysia; National Fisheries Authority – Papua New Guinea; Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management & Meteorology – Solomon Islands).

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Type: Feature Article | Author: Arlene Nietes-Satapornvanit (USAID Oceans Human Welfare and Gender Specialist) | Date: 8 March, 2018 | Subject: Human Welfare | Country: Regional