Opportunities to Work with USAID Oceans

USAID Oceans seeks support from experts that are leaders in the fields of traceability, sustainability, human rights, technology, and other disciplines that support Activity objectives. Opportunities to work with USAID Oceans, including Requests for Proposals, Quotations, and grant opportunities will be posted here as available.

Partner with USAID Oceans

The Oceans and Fisheries Partnership forges strategic partnerships to support regional, national, and local progress in combating illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing. USAID Oceans’ partnerships not only support the Activity’s Catch Documentation and Traceability (CDT) System, but aim to:

  • Create a common dialogue on policy and standards;
  • Strengthen capacity at regional, national, and local levels;
  • Build awareness of IUU fishing impacts, fisheries sustainability, and related concerns such as human welfare in fisheries;
  • Develop financing and sustainability mechanisms for catch documentation initiatives;
  • Coordinate like-minded global efforts among public and private sector actors; and
  • Tap into cutting-edge technology and traceability advances.

To receive more information on partnership opportunities, please contact info@oceans-partnership.org.