Public-Private Partnerships

In order for USAID Oceans’ Catch Documentation and Traceability (CDT) System to be effective in tracing seafood through the supply chain, it must be anchored in market realities. Additionally, it must be cost-effective and able to help industry meet changing regulatory requirements throughout the supply chain. The challenge is to align the private sector and government around shared objectives.

What is USAID Oceans’ Approach

To improve transparency in the seafood supply chain and to help ensure successful system implementation, the Oceans and Fisheries Partnership engages a variety of fisheries stakeholders and forms new partnerships among governments, regional institutions and the private sector. USAID Oceans is engaging a wide range of stakeholders—governments, intergovernmental organizations, associations, seafood and technology companies, fisher groups, NGOs and others—as partners in the design, testing, and implementation activities of the CDT System.

Securing Industry Support. USAID Oceans is developing strategic market-driven partnerships that take advantage of the industry’s technical expertise, market position and capacity to engage their national and local government counterparts. Developing partnerships in the seafood industry grounds the CDT system within the seafood industry’s regional and international realities, and supports increased scale and sustainability of the system in the long-term. Engaging buyers, seafood companies, and NGOs in the CDT System design will be essential to motivate suppliers to adopt and scale the CDT System across multiple countries and fisheries in Asia Pacific, and facilitates a more common industry voice on traceability standards and requirements.

Ensuring System Sustainability. USAID Oceans is also engaging development partners, foundations and other funding partners to support the deployment and expansion of the CDT System. Banks, impact investors, and other financial institutions can provide sustainable investment and financing mechanisms to address cost barriers and support wider system adoption.

Leveraging Technology Expertise. USAID Oceans has developed strategic partnerships with technology providers to harness the latest communication technologies and traceability innovations to ensure the successful development, implementation, and adoption of the system.

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