Partnership Apprasal and Prioritization Report: Vietnam

Type: Reports and Studies
Author: The Oceans and Fisheries Partnership
Date: 20 September, 2019
Subject: Catch Documentation and Traceability, Featured
Country: Vietnam
Language: English, Vietnamese

Over 2017 and 2018, USAID Oceans engaged with the government of Vietnam to conduct a Partnership Appraisal to identify high-value partnership opportunities, which is linked to a complementary CDT Gap Analysis Report. USAID Oceans’ Partnership Appraisals are conducted through a multi-step process, including desk research, field interviews, and participatory work sessions designed to uncover opportunities for public-private collaboration. During the process, USAID Oceans’ teams worked together closely to engage buyers, seafood companies, and organizations working on seafood traceability to identify their interests, challenges, opportunities for collaboration, and to design an eCDT roadmap that supports eCDT system design and implementation. This report summarizes the main findings of the Vietnam Partnership Appraisal, as well as recommendations for next steps to develop partnerships that will support eCDT implementation.

USAID Oceans’ research in Vietnam uncovered many opportunities to leverage current system strengths, as well as identified numerous technical, financial, economic, and psychological barriers that highlight the need to demonstrate the business case and added value of eCDT systems, for both government and the private sector. This Partnership Appraisal Report identifies recommended approaches to identify and engage with a range of key organizations, customized for Vietnam’s specific country systems and contexts.