Sustainable Fisheries Management Plan for Fisheries Management Area 716, Indonesia

Type: Resource Tools
Author: The Oceans and Fisheries Partnership
Date: 30 August, 2019
Subject: Ecosystems Approach to Fisheries Management, Featured
Country: Indonesia
Language: English

This document provides a detailed strategic planning framework to ensure ecologically sustainable management of FMA 716’s tuna fisheries, including “true” (e.g., yellow fin, bigeye and skipjack) and neritic (e.g., frigate, bullet, longtail; kawakawa; King and Spanish mackerels) and small pelagic fisheries. This plan is proposed for adoption and implementation by MMAF and relevant national and provincial government agencies, the Fisheries Management Committee (FMC), and non-governmental partners focused on fisheries management and biodiversity conservation in Indonesia. This document may be of interest as a reference document to technical, private sector, and academic partners working towards fisheries sustainable planning.