Technical Guidance on the Design and Implementation of eCDT in Vietnam

Type: Guidelines, Policies and Action Plans, Resource Tools
Author: The Centre for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development (MCD)
Date: 16 June, 2020
Subject: Catch Documentation and Traceability
Country: Vietnam
Language: English

The purpose of this Technical Guidance document is to help facilitate Vietnam’s transition from paper-based catch documentation schemes to transparent and financially-sustainable electronic catch documentation and traceability (eCDT) system. This document has been prepared by MCD in partnership with the USAID Oceans and Fisheries Partnership, and is intended for use by the Government of Vietnam Department of Fisheries (DFish) and its affiliates at the provincial level, as well as respective members of the fisheries private sector.  This document aims to serve as a practical guide for developing and implementing an appropriate eCDT system for Vietnam’s capture fisheries that can be aligned to the capacities, circumstances, and needs of Vietnam people while supporting regional harmonization within Southeast Asia.  The objectives of this document are to:

  1. Provide general principles needed to establish and implement an eCDT system that combats IUU fishing and conserves marine biodiversity, including a set of minimum requirements and standards;
  2. Outline a process for designing and implementing an eCDT system; and
  3. Provide guidance on developing a national eCDT roadmap for Vietnam to support eCDT system adoption and implementation in
    the country between 2021 and 2023.