USAID Oceans Indonesia Closeout Activities Report

Type: Reports and Studies
Author: The Oceans and Fisheries Partnership
Date: 27 May, 2020
Subject: Featured
Country: Indonesia
Language: English

In support of the conclusion of country and learning site activities under the USAID Oceans and Fisheries Partnership (USAID Oceans), two Indonesia-based project closeout activities were completed during November 2019 and February 2020: (1) a Partnership Transition Workshop conducted in Bitung and Manado on 25-26 November 2019; and (2) a National Lessons Learned Showcase conducted in Jakarta on 19 February 2020.  At both events,  major Indonesia partners under the USAID Oceans project participated, including: Indonesia Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Northern Sulawesi Provincial Government, City of Bitung Government, seafood and technology private sector partners, Community Groups and NGOs from Bitung and Manado, and academia.  This report summarizes the sessions and outputs from both project closeout events conducted with partners in the Indonesia.