Workshop Report: Regional Gender Strategies Implementation Workshop

Author: The Oceans and Fisheries Partnership
Date: 22 November, 2017
Subject: Human Welfare
Country: Regional
Language: English

The Regional Workshop on Gender Strategies Implementation of the USAID Oceans Fisheries Partnership (USAID Oceans) was held on 21-22 August 2017 at Jasmine City Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. It was attended by 59 representatives of 10 countries in Asia and the Pacific, implementing and technical partners of USAID Oceans including program partner, the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC), and other organizations engaged in gender and other human welfare work in the region.

Held back to back with the three-day USAID Oceans Southeast Asia Fisheries Management Planning Workshop, the USAID Oceans Regional Workshop on Gender Strategies Implementation was convened to “strengthen the TWG on Human Welfare and promote collaboration with other stakeholders in the region,” with the following specific objectives:

  1. To disseminate the results of the gender analyses undertaken at the USAID Oceans Learning Sites in General Santos City, Philippines, and Bitung, Indonesia;
  2. To identify potential gender interventions for USAID Oceans at the learning sites based on the results of the gender analyses;
  3. To explore potential partnerships with other organizations to address gender interventions beyond USAID Oceans’ mandate;
  4. To share experiences of various initiatives on gender equality and women empowerment such as SEAFDEC’S gender program and the Women Leaders’ Forum from Coral Triangle countries on leadership network development and management, and other organizations;
  5. To produce a working draft of the regional document on Gender Mainstreaming in the Fisheries Workplace by the Human Welfare TWG;
  6. To assess capacity building needs of the TWG on Human Welfare particularly on gender aspects in fisheries;
  7. To strengthen networking and partnership efforts among gender in fisheries practitioners in the region; and
  8. To provide information on the Ecosystems Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM) concepts.