e-ACDS: A regional effort of SEAFDEC and ASEAN Member States to improve marine capture fisheries traceability and prevent entry of IUU seafood products into the supply chain. 

For: Small- and Large-Scale Fisheries
Current Pilot Sites: Brunei-Darussalam

The ASEAN Catch Documentation Scheme (ACDS) was developed by USAID Oceans’ partner, the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC) to provide a common regional catch documentation scheme, serving as a tool for combating IUU fishing and enhancing international and intra-regional trade of fish and fisheries products from the ASEAN Member States. The draft ACDS was developed in 2014, and circulated to ASEAN member countries in early 2015, with regional work ongoing to finalize and implement the scheme.

Following, the eACDS was developed by SEAFDEC, in collaboration with the Fisheries Marketing Organization (FMO) of Thailand, to serve as an effective management tool for enhancing the traceability of marine capture fisheries and preventing the entry of fish and fishery products from IUU fishing activities into the supply chain. The system enables supply chain actors to capture Kay Data Elements (KDEs) throughout the supply chain through web and mobile-based database modules. The eACDS is a pre-developed, easy-to-use eCDT system that can be adopted by member countries and customized or enhanced by connecting USAID Oceans-supported eCDT solutions to meet national fisheries specifications. Since April 2017, SEAFDEC has been piloting the e-ACDS in Brunei Darussalam.

USAID Oceans supports its partner, SEAFDEC, in the ongoing development, enhancement, and expansion of the e-ACDS to be used by ASEAN member countries. The e-ACDS provides a ready-made solution to ASEAN member countries working to implement electronic Catch Documentation and Traceability (eCDT), allowing seafood products to be traced through the complete supply chain. To learn more about the e-ACDS, visit the SEAFDEC website.