Pointrek/Inmarsat: Two-Way Communication Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)

For: Large- and Medium-Scale Fisheries
User: Vessel Captain
Supply Chain Node: At-Sea/Capture
Current Pilot Sites: Bitung, Indonesia

The Pointrek two-way communication Vessel Monitoring System (VMS), unlike traditional VMS, allows communication to and from a command center or shoreside users and the vessel. Typically, VMS is used by government authorities as an instrument to track locations, monitor activities and movement of fishing vessels; and by fleet owners as a tool for fishing fleet management. With technological advances, Pointrek’s VMS functionalities have been expanded to include two-way communication and real-time catch reporting.

Nutrindo Fresfood International’s Vessel Captain, a USAID Oceans First Mover, uses Pointrek aboard their vessels in Bitung, Indonesia.

How it Works:
Sisfo developed Pointrek as a web-based application which can connect via Inmarsat’s satellite networks to monitor the movement of vessels, including data such as: speed, heading, distance, weather information and two-way communications. Pointrek VMS provides real-time VMS and electronic catch data via a mobile tablet, installed onboard. The system offers person-to-person communication from ship to shore by offering onboard Wi-Fi to connected mobile devices via text message, email, and conventional SMS technology.


  • Hybrid satellite-cellular communication with auto switch over technology
  • Catch Reporting app to enable at sea data capture
  • Internal fleet monitoring and management functionalities, including telemetry data
  • Local Wi-Fi connectivity with limited internet connection for crew
  • Person to person simple text communication (i.e., crew to family)
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Emergency and Distress Locator; Alerts and Broadcast

Nutrindo Fresfood International vessels carry Pointrek devices to capture traceability data directly at-sea.


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