Trafiz: A mobile application empowering small-scale buyers, brokers, and middlemen to record seafood traceability data at it’s point of landing.

For: Small-Scale Fisheries
User: Buyer/Broker
Supply Chain Node: Point of Landing
Current Pilot Sites: Bitung, Indonesia

To address the unique needs and challenges faced by small-scale fishers in providing traceability data, USAID Oceans has developed “Trafiz,” a mobile catch documentation application that enables the first buyer or fish supplier to collect and submit traceability data, in lieu of at-sea data entry that is suitable for medium- and large-scale vessels via the Pointrek system.

First Mover Middlemen in Bitung, Indonesia use the Trafiz application in their local receiving office in a small market in Manado.

How it Works:
Trafiz is an Android-supported mobile application for small-scale fish suppliers and buyers that provides a first data entry point for seafood products originating from small-scale fishers. Trafiz enables data collection at the landing site, allowing users to enter and submit catch data via a mobile device and cellular connectivity. Trafiz also includes value-added user functions that support loan and payment management and other tools that add user value. Trafiz supports catch reporting, as well as business functionalities that help small-scale fishers manage their business.


  • Enables capture of data from fishing vessel to fish supplier in ports where the fish is landed
  • Allows suppliers to record catch data, with additional added-value business management tools, such as sales and loan management
  • Compliance with national and international (US, EU) government requirements for small-scale catch reporting
  • Accommodates offline and online environments, allowing users to capture and process the transaction without connectivity, with data transmitted once the device is re-connected


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