To support regional expansion and capacity building, USAID Oceans has adopted a tiered approach for support, categorizing countries into ‘Learning Sites’ and ‘Expansion Sites.’ USAID Oceans held a series of consultations and conducted in-depth analyses to select project sites. Sites were assessed and selected to maximize biodiversity conservation, regional impact, and sustainability.

Learning Sites

General Santos City, Philippines and Bitung, Indonesia (Fisheries Management Area–WPP 716) are USAID Oceans’ primary learning sites. The learning sites support the design, development, implementation and testing of the USAID Oceans CDT System and supporting program activities. Their strategic location in the Sulu-Sulawesi Sea, rich biodiversity, significance in regional trade, and readiness to engage with USAID Oceans established the sites as prime candidates. Efforts at the learning sites will serve to not only advance the design, development, and implementation of the CDTS, but strengthen policy and build capacity to support regional expansion.

Learning Sites: Indonesia
Learning Sites: Philippines

Expansion Sites I

USAID Oceans Expansion Sites complement learning site activities with technical support and capacity building.

In the first phase of Expansion Site I activity, USAID Oceans will initiate the development of the ACDS/CDTS Guidelines, helping Expansion Site I countries develop national roadmaps for implementation. USAID Oceans will provide a targeted package of technical, operational and material support to expansion countries to facilitate the adaptation and application of the CDTS.

Expansion Sites I: Thailand
Expansion Sites I: Malaysia

Expansion Sites II

USAID Oceans will work closely with TWG counterparts to support regional EAFM, CDTS, and PPP expansion through technical support and capacity building. USAID Oceans will also closely coordinate with SEAFDEC ACDS development and implementation activities to complement the CDTS testing in Brunei Darussalam and Myanmar (ACDS demonstration sites). Replication sites for ACDS/CDTS implementation will also be identified and prioritized in consultation with national Oceans TWG and the respective fisheries agencies in the ASEAN and CTI expansion countries.

Expansion Sites II: Cambodia
Expansion Sites II: Brunei Darussalam
Expansion Sites II: Lao PDR
Expansion Sites II: Myanmar
Expansion Sites II: Singapore
Expansion Sites II: CTI-CFF Countries